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We at SPR Glass & Mirrors have a wide range of services we know you will benefit 100% below you will see the list of some of the services we do at SPR Glass & Mirrors. Do not hesitate to call us today! we are available 24Hrs. a day, we have a very effective emergency response team that will be there when you need us most!


Glass & Mirror Installation

  • Aluminum, Wood and Vinyl Windows
  • Aluminum Store Front
  • Glass Replacement
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Closet Doors


Glass & Mirror Installation

  • Rail Systems
  • Wall Glass Panels
  • Level Glass
  • Colored Glass Doors & Windows
  • Mirror Installation


Glass & Mirror Installation

  • Glass Balustrade
  • Double Glazing Glass
  • Counter Top Glass
  • Glass Glazier
  • Window Glass Suppliers


Glass Replacement Services for Commercial and Resident Properties

We provide glass replacement services to residential homes and commercial properties. We replace all kinds of broken glasses be it in commercial properties or residences.

  • Broken glass replacement

We have specialized in replacing broken glasses. For instance, in case a glass window or door breaks, cracks or gets smashed, we will replace it for you.

  • Industrial glass replacement

We also provide services for industrial glass replacement. Although industrial glass is very durable, it requires to be well taken care of and failure to do so may result into the glass breaking, or cracking. We have very high quality industrial glass that we use to replace the ones that have been broken.

  • Commercial glass replacement

In commercial properties, the most commonly used type of glass is the architectural glass. This type of glass is used to make the windows and to create internal partitions within the building. We have also specialized in replacing these kinds of glass in case they get destroyed or if you just want to replace it.

  • Residential glass replacement

There are several types of glasses that are used in residential properties. Glass bricks are used because they have good structural qualities and they provide privacy to the home. Frosted glass is also commonly used because of its translucent qualities that allows light to pass through but obscures people from seeing through it. The self-cleaning glass is used in homes that have hard to reach areas. Whichever type of glass you have used in your home, in case you need to replace it, we will do that for you.

  • Store front doors

We have also specialized in the installation and the replacement of stores front doors. If you need doors that will ensure that your store is not only protected but also attractive, we can provide just that for you. There are several types of doors that you can choose from. These doors come in various styles and designs.

  • Sliding glass doors

We have also specialized in replacing and installing sliding glass doors. Most people nowadays prefer using sliding glass doors because they improve the appearance of the space and they are also fit into any type of decor.

We are a one stop shop for all your glass replacement needs. We provide top notch services for a good price and the materials we use are durable. In case you need to replace any glass within your space, contact us.


All Types Windows Installation Services

We provide a variety of windows installation services. There are several types of windows to choose from depending on the kind of style you like and what you want to use the window for. We provide the following installation services:-

  • Vinyl windows installation

We offer vinyl windows installation services. Vinyl windows are made of plastic that is made of a combination of ethylene and chlorine. Windows that are made out of this material are preferred by many because; they are resistant from humidity and moisture, they are durable, they come in various colors, they are affordable and it can be recycled.

  • Wood windows installation

We offer wooden windows installation services. Wooden windows always give a room a warm and an antic feel. It is for this reason that many people still use these windows as they are timeless. Unlike other materials, wood is environmentally friendly, these windows are easy to install and maintain, they are durable and are easy to clean.

  • Aluminium windows installation

We offer aluminium windows installation services. Aluminium windows are made of aluminiun as the name suggests. These types of windows are affordable, they are easy to design, they provide many finishing options and they can be recycled.

  • Patio windows and Patio doors

Patio windows and doors are used to separate the main residence from the outdoor recreational space. Most of the patio doors and windows are made of fiberglass. The reason as to why fiberglass is used to make the patio windows and doors because they transparent and thus, they make the outdoor part of the home and the indoor part of the home to feel as though it is one big space. We install patio windows and doors.

  • Industrial glass windows

Glass windows are among the most commonly used type of windows. The merits of using this type of windows include; they are scratch resistant, easy to clean and maintain, they do not break or change color when exposed to the sun and they are also affordable.

  • Frameless windows

Frameless windows are mostly used in homes because of their clean and sleek look. They are a favorite of many contemporary home owners because they let in a lot of natural light.

  • Rail systems

Rail systems are usually installed so to allow for the attachment of an accessory.

We offer all the above named window installation services at an affordable price. In case you need to change the windows in your home or your place work, contact us and we will do that for you. Give us an opportunity to serve you and you are guaranteed to enjoy our services.

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